AltaRica Studio

AltaRica Studio is a prototype of a graphical front-end to ARC. This tool is not an IDE (at least for the time being) and aims to offer a quick access to main computations proposed by the model-checker. It also embed a graphical simulator that displays state-graph of models built according to events triggered by the user.

AltaRica Studio is distributed within ARC package.



On the left hand side a navigator displays the hierarchy of the loaded model.
Here the main window displays source code of the selected node.


This tab displays results of the validate command applied on the selected node.


The main window displays the semantics i.e. the labelled transition system of the
selected node.


This tab lists all relations computed so far and their cardinality.


ARC Console offers a direct interaction with ARC tool.


This picture shows GUI of the simulator. Upper left frame displays current assignment of variables. Lower left frame displays transitions that can be triggered and the central frame show the state-graph built so far.